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Year 5 Class News

In Year 5, we’ve been busy exploring the world of Science. Not only did we adventure to Curtin University to do several awesome experiments, but we’ve been busy preparing for our assembly which is all about Space! On our excursion, we were given the opportunity to do three experiments! One experiment involved us separating colours using water and filter paper. Another experiment involved us making our own worms (which weren’t actually real). We also got to make our own toothpaste and compare it to the toothpaste we buy at Coles!! We were amazed at what science can do!

The Year 4s, 5s and 6s were also lucky enough to receive a very entertaining and informative incursion from Paul Litherland about being aware online. We spoke about our digital footprint, having netiquette (manners online), shoulder surfing and having a voice when others can’t find theirs. We’re looking forward to seeing him again next year!

In Religion, we’ve been learning about what happens when we grow up and the thoughts we have about getting older. We also created an advert about how we can take care of our minds and bodies.

In Maths, we stretched our brains by learning all about patterns and algebra!! We went on a scavenger hunt to create as many patterns as possible and played bingo which involved us figuring out the missing digits in multiplication number sentences!

We’d also like to thank everyone who bought our homemade icy poles at the Mini Fete!! We were so excited that we sold out and made heaps of money for the Catholic Missions.

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