St Denis is committed to a whole-school approach to environmental education, of which waste minimisation and litter reduction plays a vital role. We would like our school to reduce, reuse and recycle by committing to a waste wise whole- school plan in which we endeavour to educate and motivate all children to partake in rethinking their behaviours; by reducing, reusing and recycling waste in our school and becoming aware of the important role they play.

We have identified the large quantity of waste in our school, St Denis. It is the aim of St Denis School to have a Waste Policy in place which will minimise our waste and our impact on the environment.

This year we have installed three raised garden beds, a worm farm and recycling bins. All year groups are involved in different aspects of the program to learn practical gardening skills, tending to the worms and reducing our schools waste.

We are lucky, as our school community is supportive and enthusiastic to take part in minimizing waste in our school. The value of respect is of great importance at our school. Respect for ourselves, our community and the environment (God’s creation)

It is school policy that

  • The strategies of reduce; reuse, recycle and compost will be incorporated into everyday activities.
  • Our curriculum will reflect our commitment to fostering ecologically-sound thinking. Waste minimisation and litter reduction will be included in the relevant areas of study.


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