The Parents & Friends Association is a committee of parents, elected annually, who coordinate fundraising and social programs for the benefit the School and its students.  Parents & guardians are welcome to attend meetings of the P&F (dates below) and urged to support the fundraising and social activities which contribute to the development of our community.

Communication is via Facebook and email (your class representative will collect contact details).  The P&F email address is Note that the old email address () will continue to be checked until the end of 2019.

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Meetings 2020

Meetings will commence at 7.00 pm on the dates listed below.

  • Wednesday 19 February

  • Tuesday 17 March

  • Tuesday 12 May

  • Tuesday 16 June


Other meeting dates are yet to be confirmed.


Executive 2020

President                        Justine Richelieu

Vice President                Angela Corbett

Treasurer                        Oliver Douglas

Secretary                        Jonathon De Lima

Board Representative    Angela Corbett


Information for event organisiers

Oliver Douglas


Phone: 0488 203 539

Postal Address: PO Box 509 North Perth 6906

Application for Funding

Event Reconciliation Report


Class Representatives 2020

Pre Kindy                       -

Kindy                              Maeveen Fletcher, Ashleigh Wemyss, Catherine Horgan

Pre Primary                    Tegan Wyatt, Karen Szepaniak

Year 1                             Connie Ihlein, Debora Mrray

Year 2                             Rebecca Sciascia Timkov, Danielle Muto

Year 3                             Maria Di Martino, Erica Bosustow, Nicole Pullela

Year 4                             Claire Chesney, Clare Carney

Year 5                             Jodie Denham, Chantelle Van Bronswijk

Year 6                             Jacinta Carington Smith, Maria Priuit-Rowe, Puja Hart



St Denis P&F Constitution (2017)

St Denis P&F Parent Handbook 2019